Oracle E-Business Suite

Today’s economic scenario, compel businesses globally to strive for solutions that not only transform their processes, but also deliver noticeable outcomes at highly competitive costs. To succeed, an enterprise needs to sense these changes, and respond to them quick and smart.

HIPL’s Oracle E-Business Suite Services, are committed to offer best-in-class solutions through end-to-end implementation, version up gradation and post
implementation maintenance and support of the Oracle E- Business Suite. We give below brief details about Oracle E-Business Suite Applications for ease of reference.

About E-Business Suite: Oracle Corporation’s E-Business Suite Oracle Corporation’s is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that support organizations to make enhanced decisions, lower costs, and increase performance.

  • Oracle E-Business
  • Implementation
  • Upgrade
  • Enhancement
  • Value Added Services

HIPL is recognized as an Oracle partner with immense commercial expertise in the implementation of a variety of products within the Oracle E-Business Suite. HIPL strives to provide low risk, high quality, cost effective Oracle implementations. We design, develop, integrate and deploy sophisticated business process solutions, incorporating best business practice and methods. We have closely aligned with the Oracle technology roadmap of building new know-hows and integrating new applications into its own core product offerings.



Our service offerings in Oracle E-business Suite includes

  • End-to-End Implementation/Rollouts
  • Version Upgrade
  • Post Implementation Maintenance and Support

End-to-End Implementation/Rollouts

  • Mapping of business processes with Oracle Apps functionality and high level solution configuration
  • Installation of Oracle Apps software and DBA support
  • Prototyping business scenarios and demonstration in CRP sessions
  • Development of Interfaces to integrate Oracle with non-Oracle Systems; Bolt-ons
  • Data Conversion (from Legacy to Oracle)
  • Customizations and Localizations
  • System Integration and User Acceptance testing
  • Cut-over planning and Go-live preparations
  • A proven Implementation Methodology

Version Upgrade

  • End-to-End Implementation/Rollouts
  • Installation of Oracle Apps new release
  • Migration of data to new release environment
  • Configuration of System Setups
  • Production set up and live migration
  • Backlog data catch up
  • An established Up gradation Methodology

Production Support

  • SLA based 24X7 Production Support Training
  • Software Change Management/Program Updates
  • Preventive/Proactive Maintenance Documentation Updates
  • Patch Management (via Metalink)
  • Performance tuning
  • System Audit
  • Oracle TAR Coordination
  • A proven Production Support methodology


HIPL can offer range of services whether you require implementation of full Oracle E- Business solution or extending the solution with additional modules. HIPL utilizes its knowledge base and professional talent from dedicated practice areas in providing our clients with a value that makes a difference. The HIPL business philosophy and the quality of our people, products, and services are proven by the satisfaction of our clients.

At HIPL we implement, upgrade and support industry-specific solutions supplied by Oracle EBS. With more than 15 full lifecycle implementations and a 100% success rate, we provide our customers the depth of functional and technical knowledge.

Take the lead, maximize your business value now through HIPL’s Oracle E-Business Services!

Oracle Business Accelerators for Small and Medium Business

Oracle Business Accelerators are powerful, easy-to-use rapid implementation solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite customers implemented through Oracle’s partner channel or Oracle Consulting.

Oracle Business accelerators bring proven, best-in-class business flows to reduce the time and costs of implementing enterprise-wide solutions. Using intellectual property from both Oracle and our team, business accelerators reduce implementation discovery, setup, and testing project phases. The result is predictable and expedited access to proven solutions that minimize the risk of new technology adoption.


Key Benefits

  • Affordability – Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Rapid time to value – Accelerate implementation with clearly definedproject scope as well as industry best practices
  • A safe investment – Establish a strong foundation for growth with a proven, scalable world-class application and state of the art technology
  • Reduced risk implementation – Rapid implementation with clearly defined project scope and industry best practice and functionality

Return on Investment (ROI)

World Class ERP implementations to be the top 15% in terms of results, progress against goals and current performance. World Class ERP implementations produce results such as:

  • 15% reduction in operating costs
  • 16% reduction in administrative cost
  • 21% improvement in orders shipped complete and on-time
  • 19% reduction in inventory costs
  • 18% reduction in obsolete inventory

Our Success Stories


HIPL’s Industry-Focused Expertise

Our Oracle Business Accelerators include industry best practices and supporting business flows for specific targeted industries, making it easier to customize your Oracle implementation for your unique business and market requirements. HIPL’s OBA cover the following industries.

Media Telecom
Hi-Tech Consumer Package Goods
Discrete Manufacturing Public Sector
Process Manufacturing Banking and Financial Services
Healthcare and Life Sciences Professional Services
Retail Distribution, Logistics

HIPL All Inclusive Offerings :

Package 1

  • 2 Servers (Database + Application)
  • Intel Xeon 4C Processor 2.4GHz (600/32 GB)
  • Oracle eBS Financial 10 user License
  • 1 year Oracle Support
  • Implementation Services
  • 5 Reports

Package 2

  • 2 Server (Database + Application)
  • Oracle eBS Financial 5 user License
  • Oracle eBS Inventory 5 user
  • Oracle eBS Purchase 5 user
  • 1 year Oracle Support
  • Implementation Services
  • 10 Reports

Package 3

  • 2 Server (Database + Application)
  • Intel Xeon 4C Processor 2.4GHz (600/32 GB)
  • Oracle eBS Financial 5 user License License
  • Oracle eBS Inventory 5 user License
  • Oracle eBS Purchase 5 user License
  • Dis/Proc Manuf. 10 user License
  • Order Management 5 user License
  • 1 year Oracle Support
  • Implementation Services
  • 15 Reports

Package 4

  • 2 Server (Database + Application)
  • Intel Xeon 4C Processor 2.4GHz (600/32 GB)
  • Oracle eBS Financial 5 user License
  • Oracle eBS Inventory 5 user License
  • Oracle eBS Purchase 5 user License
  • HR 100 user License
  • SSHR 100 user License
  • Payroll 500 user License
  • 1 year Oracle Support
  • Implementation Services
  • 20 Reports

Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade

To keep pace with the market dynamics, it is necessary to make sure that your Oracle E-Business Suite applications are capable of supporting your business objectives.

HIPL’s Upgrade or Re-Implementation Assessment is designed to prepare a detailed analysis of the client’s structure, needs, existing Oracle applications and plans for the future. Based on this analysis, we provide a detailed roadmap for the next upgrade cycle.

The Oracle E-Business Suite product has expanded significantly in functionality, scalability, usability, and reduced cost of ownership over the past few releases, including dramatic leaps with the recent Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

New Features in R12

  • Increased capabilities of Profitability Manager to analyse and report on any segment of your business operations regardless of location
  • More web page access with less pop ups and duplicate screens
  • Key tasks completed in fewer steps
  • Increased personalization capabilities
  • Re-designed and streamlined workflows for industry-specific processes
  • Optimization of supply chain operations with Oracle Strategic Network Optimisation (SNO)
  • Project Portfolio Analysis helps align projects at any location to your global business objectives
  • Centralized functions for accounting, sales/use tax, and banking
  • Streamlined processing and reporting across multiple ledgers
  • Updated Web Services Repository adapts business processes and integrates R12 with third-party applications to create
  • cross-business and cross-product flows
  • Certified on Oracle Fusion Middleware to manage processes spanning different applications.
  • Publishing and editing reports in a customer-ready format

An organization will accrue the following benefits in multiple ways when upgrading or re-implementing their Oracle EBS applications:

  • Improved Reporting & Analysis
  • Increase Efficiency via Multi-Org Access
  • Lower IT Costs
  • Improves Global Decision Making by Supporting All Types of Reporting/Analysis
  • Global Financial Consolidation
  • Global Customer Service
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence
  • Streamlined Performance
  • Next Generation Business Process Management

HIPL’s R12 Rapid Upgrade Tool

HIPL has developed the R12 Upgrade Assist tool for upgrade assessments.

  • It helps estimate the complexity of an upgrade and allows for efficient planning and upgrade execution.
  • Provides an inventory of all custom objects (forms, reports, Alerts, Custom processes, Interfaces, Views, Discoverer View)
  • Identifies changed table structures and identifies impacted custom code as high, medium or low complexity & priority between source and target releases of the install.
  • Provides information on data volumes on transaction tables (to help in Archive / Purge decisions before Upgrade).

The proven HIPL Rapid Upgrade Methodology provides a flexible and scalable process for projects of all sizes which simplifies the upgrade process with minimal impact on productivity and maximum ROI.

Our Success Stories

Oracle E-Business Suite Enhancement Services

HIPL can help your organization in enhancing your existing E Business Suite, by understanding your business and giving suitable recommendations to further streamline your business.

Our Enterprise Optimization Services is tuned to the progress of our clients, both from a technical and functional perspective, and we ensure to provide them a scalable Oracle platform by undertaking the following activities:

  • An assessment to understand business requirements and define the project scope, budget and business impact
  • Structured training sessions to aid fuller understanding and choices for implementation of business-relevant enhancements
  • Detailed technical effort documentation, including an assessment of project complexity
  • Recommendations for a technology roadmap, technical optimization and risk assessment
  • Pre-defined templates, reusable components and use of proprietary accelerators for rapid migration and faster deployment
  • Phased acceptance to aid risk mitigation
  • Global delivery model for greater flexibility and cost-effective delivery
  • An umbrella of overall effective program management (joint or otherwise) with clear roles and responsibilities

Our proven project management methodology helps our clients to leverage their existing human capital to ensure seamless implementation of the Oracle E-Business Suite of solutions within the stipulated time and allocated budgets. The best practices of our combination with Oracle enable our clients to streamline and enhance their business processes.

Our Success Stories

Value Added Services

Being an Oracle Partner in providing implementation and optimization services around the Oracle E-Business Suite, Heuristics also has an extensive expertise in designing and delivering Value Added Products for Oracle clients. We support clients in harnessing complete benefit of their investment in ERP solutions.

Our Success Stories

We have proven expertise in:

Tax Solutions

With Release 12, Oracle introduced a new tax framework called E-Business Tax. This global tax module includes the capability of integrating with 3rd party tax applications, such as Vertex, Taxware for an even greater level of tax compliance and efficiency. Heuristics offers a best-practices approach for faster and more cost-effective implementation of complex tax management systems integration.

Carrier Solutions

Heuristics provides expert services for integration between Oracle Applications and freight carriers like UPS, FedEx and various LTL carriers. Online shipment processing, label printing, shipment tracking, instantaneous proof-of-delivery documentation, and Oracle ship confirmation are implemented for enhancing productivity of an Organization. Heuristics helps you in automating shipping for all carriers, helping you harness the benefits of full carrier compliance, which includes compliance labelling, reporting, and electronic manifesting.

Payment Solutions

Heuristics provides implementation services for the industry’s leading e-commerce payment solution like Cyber source, Paymentech and Verisign. Our service offerings includes – High performance e-commerce payment management solutions – Global Payment Types & Multi-Currency, Multi-Channel and Recurring Payments, Enterprise Reporting/Reconciliation, Payment Security (PCI) Solutions and its integration with Oracle E-Business Suite.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a Bolt on tool for the Oracle EBS system which enables Organizational Users to get their orders processed as per the worldwide standard of X12 format flat files. This tool works on Batch and Single file processing.

Batch processing is done at the backend as a scheduled job. It picks the files from the server location and processes the content to present meaningful EBS order data. Once the processing is accomplished this data gets imported into the Oracle EBS system in OM (Order Management).

Single file processing is provided through a User interface where authorized users can login and select the file from a specific location on the desktop or a mapped drive over the intranet and internet. The EDI tool runs on the X12 format rule. It reads and extracts the order data from a given file and applies the relevant business rules to it for further processing before importing the data into EBS as per the organizational needs.

This is a Bolt on Tool for Oracle EBS to fulfil the need for creating orders from a quote provided to the customer and tightly integrated with Oracle EBS..

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The Solution known as Master Data Management (MDM) framework of HIPL works as a Bolt on to Oracle EBS. Master Data management will be set up for customers, suppliers and Items, which also allows search for existing and prospective Customers, Suppliers and Items. Also, the solutions listed below are based on Oracle technologies with no extra hardware and setup cost.

  • Seamless integration of MDM and Oracle EBS to provide a single sign-on and impeccable security.
  • Using Data access rules of Oracle EBS roles and responsibilities for audit compliance.
  • Approval workflow for master data creation for better control and review of data before inserting into EBS main tables.
  • Master data entry uses the Oracle API’s for accuracy of data sent to the target application.
  • Developed an Email Centre to manage and give workflow notifications to the approvers / managers of client.
  • Built custom rules to restrict redundancy of master data in association with the client.


  • iStore- A tailored, comprehensive and cost-effective Internet sales channel
  • iPayment- Facilitates efficient, reliable and secure financial transactions
  • iReceivables- An Internet based account management application that helps reduce the cost of Billing and Collection while improving customer service
  • iSupplier- Lower Costs and Improve Supplier Service with Online Collaboration
  • iProcurement- Self-Service Requisitioning application that Streamlines Buying, Enforces Policy & Slashes Cost
  • iRecruitment- A full-cycle recruiting solution focused on the manager-recruiter-candidate hiring relationship and entirely automates the whole recruitment process.